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How much is the smallest excavator

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If we want to know the price of ultra-small excavators, we must first understand what ultra-small excavators are. The excavators we usually see in road construction or in large engineering sites are mainly large and medium-sized excavators. Such excavators are generally The width is more than two meters, it is very efficient to work, and it is a very good machine helper. Compared with these excavators, there are also some small excavators active in the field or rural homestead construction, which have made great contributions to China’s new rural construction.

However, with the continuous development of the economy, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and many small jobs, such as greenhouses, landscaping, underground pipeline construction, indoor construction and a number of relatively small artificial construction environments are gradually replaced by machines. The excavators used in the environment are ultra-small excavators, generally less than 1 meter in width, also called mini excavators or mini excavators.

With the development of the times, China’s ultra-small excavators have also undergone upgrading, from the most primitive imitations to the construction of independent models with independent intellectual property rights. For example, the ultra-small excavators currently sold in the Chinese market are mainly divided into the following categories:

Imported ultra-small excavators, mainly represented by Yanmar, jcb and other brands.

The price of this type of excavator is generally around 250,000 yuan, the configuration is relatively advanced, and the technology is relatively mature. Due to the relatively large brand value, although many of them are machines produced by joint ventures in China, the price of ultra-small excavators is still high. Coupled with the high after-sales maintenance costs, many customers who want to buy are discouraged.

Domestic ultra-small excavators are mainly divided into two situations:

The first type is the old-generation model represented by Yuchai 13, which is mainly operated by pulling rod machinery. This kind of small excavator still adopts the old production and manufacturing process, and played a significant role in the production and construction in the 1990s. However, with the changes of the times, it was gradually eliminated by the society.

However, due to the relatively simple manufacturing process, most domestic small excavator manufacturers still use this technology. The price of such ultra-small excavators is about 86,000-115,000. Because it is an outdated product, many accessories are gradually eliminated, which is a big problem for future maintenance.

The second type is a new generation of ultra-small excavators represented by Lipai 18. The whole machine adopts fully imported hydraulic pilot operation, equipped with a freely retractable chassis, tailless 360-degree rotation, microcomputer control, precise control and high reliability. The work is quite efficient, reaching the highest production level of domestic small excavators at present.

At present, the price of such ultra-small excavators is around 110,000-150,000. Because they are all mainstream technologies, the market demand is large, the sales are also very popular, and the accessories are versatile, which has a very positive effect on reducing later maintenance costs.

Small electric excavators and custom-made ultra-small excavators

Due to the particularity of the working environment, the current general-purpose small excavators cannot meet the production needs, so small electric excavators and customized ultra-small excavators have been derived. Due to their particularity, these small excavators are currently on the market. Not too common.

Like electric small excavators, because of the constraints of power supply, although energy saving and environmental protection, the application field is still unable to expand in a large area. For example, the small electric excavator is currently only produced by Hengyuan Excavator in the domestic market, and the sales price is about 100,000 yuan.

There are also some special industries such as metallurgy, drilling, mining, etc. that require special equipment, which must be customized according to the actual needs of customers. This kind of excavator customized service is only provided by Hengyuan Excavator Company in China. , according to different needs, the general price is about 80,000-150,000.

used subminiature excavator

This kind of machine has a large market because of its low price. However, due to the small number of models and the rapid update of models, maintenance is quite troublesome.

And because it is a second-hand small excavator, there is no guarantee of quality and performance. The price of imported second-hand ultra-small excavators is about 150,000 yuan, and the price of domestic second-hand ultra-small excavators is about 50,000 yuan.

If you don’t know much about small excavators, we do not build and purchase such machines, and it is easy to have the embarrassing situation that the work will stop at any time and no one can repair it.

The price of an ultra-small excavator introduced in this article mainly refers to mainstream sales models. With the continuous development of process technology, we believe that the price of ultra-small excavators will gradually decline, and ultra-small excavators will also play a more and more important role. Come to the big role!

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