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Why do mini excavators sell so well

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In the past two years, the sales of small and micro excavators have accounted for a higher and higher proportion of the total sales of excavators. The annual excavator sales season of small excavators always brings surprises to the market, and sales are also growing steadily. Why did the previously unknown small digging opportunities suddenly explode? .

Those who have worked in the excavator industry for a long time will find that in townships and rural areas, the number of engineering projects is increasing year by year. As early as more than ten years ago, there might be at most one or two excavators in a town, but now, in any township, small digging and micro digging can be found everywhere.

Because the government has invested heavily in the construction of new rural areas, projects such as road construction, house demolition, and pipeline laying have gradually increased in many rural areas. It is also because of the increase in these projects that the sales of small excavators have been stimulated. After all, in rural areas, the roads are not so spacious. In many places, medium and large excavators cannot drive in at all, and they can only use small digging to work.

In cities, although many cities now strictly control the exhaust emissions of excavators, many places have very strict emission standards for large construction machinery. But this does not affect the action of micro excavators. Many facade renovations, and even the decoration of elevator apartments for ordinary residents, can use micro excavators. Therefore, many interior decoration teams are now equipped with micro excavators.

There is a market, and there will be development. It is precisely because today’s market is more suitable for the survival of small excavators that excavators are becoming more and more small and micro. The popularity of the excavator industry in recent years is largely also driven by this reason.

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