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How to choose a cost-effective mini excavator

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Do you know how to choose a suitable mini excavator? Many users only see the low price of mini excavators. After that, they didn’t expect to make money, and they began to solve all kinds of problems. Many users regret it. mini excavators are used to save labor costs. To choose a mini excavator, just remember the following points. Making money is only a matter of course.
1: Vehicle compatibility must be good
Many people think that the engine is imported or domestic. In fact, this is not very important. Now, the domestic engine technology has been very mature. For example, Yuchai, Weichai, Changchai and laidong
No problem with quality and durability. Whether the main components are compatible and can play a higher performance is the key. Now many mini manufacturers have grasped the psychology of users and blindly pursued high configuration, but compatibility cannot be debugged. Incompatible configurations not only greatly reduce the performance of the whole vehicle, but also shorten the service life of each component.
2: After sales service quality can not be ignored
As a construction machinery, the replacement and maintenance of consumables can not be underestimated, and it is also directly related to the economic benefits of users. Therefore, if you choose the right machine, the accessories are very easy to buy. The manufacturer’s after-sales service is to check before buying the car in time, teach users to use and maintain when you get it, and solve problems in time. After all, this is the model of large manufacturers.
3、 Machine suitability
In this regard, most people can consider, mainly the customer group who has just entered the production line, and choose the machine for the actual working conditions in the future. The plain area is geologically stable and suitable for all operations of wheeled excavators, but if it is in mountainous or hilly areas, Crawler machines must be selected. Of course, there are many factors that affect the selection of machines, such as the size of work, whether the workplace is fixed, etc., which will affect your use experience.
Select the mini excavator through the above three points. Want to know the price of mini excavator? Welcome to consult.

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