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How much is the cheapest mini excavator

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When consumers buy excavators, they generally ask about price and quality. Because the quality is related to the usage in the later period, and the price is related to the input cost in the early stage, both of them are more important to consumers. So today, I will share with you one of them – the price, so that everyone can understand.


The market price of excavators is generally between 200,000 yuan and 1,000,000 yuan. Due to the different needs of consumers, the price is not the same at the time of purchase. The specific circumstances that affect the price are:

1. Sales place

If consumers buy in a relatively developed area, the price will generally be between 220,000 yuan and 1.05 million yuan; if consumers buy in a relatively average economy, the price will be 180,000 yuan- A set between 980,000 yuan. This is mainly determined by the local economic level and price level.

2. Place of purchase

If the consumer is buying for the first time, it is not the price asked by the manufacturer, so the price will be relatively higher, between 230,000 yuan and 1.1 million yuan per unit; while some consumers are asking the price at the manufacturer, The price of the same product at this time will be between 190,000 and 980,000 yuan.

3. Brand awareness

If the excavator manufacturer purchased by consumers is relatively well-known, the price is generally between 225,000 yuan and 1.08 million yuan per unit; if consumers do not pay special attention to brands, the brands they choose are not particularly well-known. The selling price will be between 180,000 and 980,000 yuan.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the price, and I will not analyze them one by one here. Consumers can make their own judgments and choices when purchasing.

In addition, consumers also need to look at the after-sales service of the manufacturer when purchasing, because the excavator will inevitably need to be repaired or maintained during use. At this time, the manufacturer needs to provide service as soon as possible. If a manufacturer does not have this Items of service or can not be repaired and maintained in a timely manner, then it will bring certain losses to consumers. Therefore, when consumers buy this product, they should look at the after-sales service of its manufacturer.

How much is the price of a small excavator? Recommended by a manufacturer. The above is all the content shared today. Thank you for your continued reading and support.

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