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How much does a mini excavator cost per hour

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The size and model of the excavator are different, and the price will also be different. The 60-80 series is generally 160-180 per hour. 130-150 models are around 240/hour. The price of 200-250 model is about 350/hour, and the price of 260-300 model is about 380-450/hour. If it is with a breaker, it will generally add 80 yuan/200.


The current price of the mini excavator is 120-140 yuan per hour, excluding the original bucket of the mini excavator, the 30cm groove is a bit large, and some excavators have specially customized ones to dig narrower grooves like yours ‘s bucket. A day should be no less than 700 meters, and if you work overtime, it can be more (not including backfilling). There are professional mini buckets, about 60 meters per hour.

Generally, it is composed of power device, transmission device, walking device and working device. Principle: Use the bucket to excavate the material above or below the bearing surface, and load it into the transport vehicle or the earth-moving machine unloaded to the stockyard. A self-propelled mining machine that uses a bucket to shovel exfoliated material or minerals from the working face and transport it to a discharge location for unloading.

It has been more than 130 years since the first manual excavator came out. During this period, it has experienced the gradual development from steam-driven bucket rotary excavators to electric-driven and internal-combustion-engine-driven rotary excavators, and fully automatic hydraulic excavators using electromechanical-hydraulic integration technology. process.

The price of mini excavators is introduced here in one hour. If you want to know more about excavators, welcome to consult.

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