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What areas are mini excavators used in

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Due to its small size and low initial investment cost, small excavators are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, construction engineering, municipal greening, etc., and are the first choice for many small-scale engineering operations.


It is also very practical. Users can replace the excavator with accessories according to the needs of the project, and replace the mechanical bucket with accessories such as breaker, wood grabber, auger, etc. The machine has various functions such as digging, crushing, and drilling. , It can be used for various projects such as crushing construction, wood grabbing, screw drilling, etc., which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine and truly realizes multiple uses of one machine.

1. New rural construction

When building houses in rural areas, it is necessary to excavate foundations and water supply and drainage pipes. Construction with small excavators not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the construction speed. The control and operation of small excavators are also relatively simple, not as complicated as large equipment, which is very suitable for such small and medium-sized engineering operations.

2. Agricultural garden construction

Because there may be small saplings around the agricultural garden, the construction environment here is relatively limited, and large-scale equipment cannot be used for excavation or trenching operations, while small excavators are small and suitable for this kind of site.

3. Interior construction works

When carrying out interior decoration, customers may need to renovate houses and break walls. At this time, the small and micro excavators are small in size and can be transported up by elevators for crushing, and their work efficiency is higher than that of manual hammers.

4. Municipal engineering construction

In municipal construction, it is often necessary to excavate ditches and fill pipelines, and small excavators are the preferred choice because of their small size and flexibility. At the same time, its boom can be deflected 90 degrees, which is very practical during operations. In addition, from the perspective of transportation, light trucks can quickly complete the transportation and transfer of small excavators, which is very fast.

5. Agricultural greenhouse

The roof of the greenhouse is generally relatively low, and some large agricultural equipment cannot work inside, while small and micro excavators can help farmers to loosen the soil and dig trenches.

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