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How to avoid excessive oil temperature for Mini excavators

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Mini excavators can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. To a certain extent, they have replaced many large excavators! For example: indoor operations, orchards, farms, etc.; then what should we pay attention to when using small excavators? In fact, the problem is very obvious: that is “oil temperature”!


However, any machine will face this problem. It’s better to say in winter, after all, the cold weather outside can help reduce the problem of excessive oil temperature in small excavators. However, summer is different, and you need to pay extra attention. Hot weather and long-term operation can easily cause the engine oil temperature to be too high. This will affect the service life of the small excavator for a long time. In severe cases, internal parts may burn out.

Therefore, the correct operation routine should be 3-4 hours, so that the small excavator will start to work at intervals. Especially friends who use small excavators on construction sites, they need to pay more attention to this point. Overload work will increase the service life of small excavators. Another point is to check the internal parts of the small excavator regularly. The machine needs maintenance and rest just like people. After all, the machine we bought back for tens of thousands of dollars can’t be scrapped in less than a year! Therefore, everyone should use small excavators reasonably!

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