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How to buy a cheap mini excavator

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Excavators are often seen in our daily lives, especially the most popular mini excavators in recent years. So in the process of choosing to buy, how should we choose? Let me tell you a few selection considerations below!


one. Model

Whether it is a large or small excavator, they all have different models, and their main operating functions are also dependent on the model. If you are doing some chores for general agricultural and household use, it is recommended that you choose to buy a small excavator below the 12th type. Small excavators above 12 are more focused on construction sites. If it is a large excavator used in orchards and greenhouses, wouldn’t it be oversized and small, and the larger the model, the higher the price. Choosing a good model can also reduce costs correspondingly.

two. Engine

The engine can be said to be the soul of a small excavator. The more you work harder, the more you need a high-horsepower engine, so that the machine as a whole has power, so when you buy, you must not blindly follow the manufacturer’s brand of engine. You must match the right engine according to the work you do. Some merchants talk about the brand of the engine, but in fact you may not need this type of engine at all for the work you do. You must choose from your own foundation.

Three, after-sales service

Machinery such as small excavators is not big or small. If something goes wrong, the maintenance is relatively troublesome. Therefore, after-sales protection must be optimistic about how the merchant provides it.

So let’s share it with you today! If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below~

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