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Quotation of various models of small excavators

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In order to meet the huge demand of the market, we have successively launched various models of excavators from 18 to 180, but some friends may be an important factor in the choice of models or the price of the excavators, so we have organized the main models of small excavators below The price list is here for your reference, and I hope it can be helpful and reference for everyone’s purchase choice.


Let’s start with the introduction of crawler excavator 180, this excavator model is more versatile, with a bucket capacity of 0.7 cubic meters. Basically, large-scale engineering work and road construction can be undertaken. Now many steel companies and scrap companies buy this type of installation grab for grabbing work, which is quite efficient and can be regarded as a new use of excavators. All other main components of Yuchai engine are imported, and the performance is almost equal to that of imported models. The price list of small excavators shows 388,000.

The 100-track small excavator is still equipped with Yuchai engine and fully imported main parts. It has strong performance and is sturdy and easy to use. This model is a small-scale crawler excavator with wide adaptability, and it can be easily used in poor road conditions. In response, the model is mature, the market has a large quantity, and the maintenance is cheap. The small excavator price list shows 256,000.

70-track small excavators, like some mountains and construction sites, often have sharper objects, which are suitable for the use of these small-track excavators. Small size, working efficiency, all crawler excavators are configured to continue the requirements of large vehicles, Yuchai engine is equipped with fully imported main parts, so that the entire series of crawler excavators have strong power, flexible movements, and a solid body. A good helper for everyone to create wealth. The small excavator price list shows 218,000

100-wheeled small excavators, rubber-wheeled small excavators are popular with the public because of their convenient operation and flexibility, especially for private small jobs or farmland water conservancy construction. The price list of small excavators shows 250 thousand.

The 85-wheeled small excavator is also a relatively popular small rubber-wheeled excavator, such as Guangxi for grabbing sugarcane, Inner Mongolia for grabbing grass, and other areas for grabbing wood with this model, which is very efficient. The price list of small excavators shows around 198,000.

The 70 model of wheeled small excavator is the most common model in rural infrastructure and fields. It is cheap and efficient. It uses imported accessories except for the engine. Its performance is strong, stable and guaranteed. It has been recognized by users. Volkswagen loves models. The small excavator price list shows 175,000.

Nowadays, due to the continuous increase of labor costs and the development of agricultural industrialization, many small-scale working environments are replaced by small-scale excavators for manual operation, which directly leads to the hot sale of micro-excavators and ultra-small excavators. The market demand is huge, and the supply has been tight.

The chassis of the 18-type crawler excavator adopts an advanced self-retracting system, fully imported hydraulic device, pilot operation, and microcomputer control. The machine moves smoothly and is flexible in operation, which is directly comparable to imported small excavators! All of them are brand-new technology in 2020, sturdy and easy to use. The price of excavators is only half of that of imported small excavators. Now it is about 110,000. It has become a potential model among small excavators.

Only a few of the more common models are listed above. If there are any train models, please contact the customer service staff directly to obtain the new price list of small excavators.

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