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Introduction to Kubota Mini Excavator

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As a well-known brand in the field of mini excavators in the world, Kubota mini excavators also enjoy a high reputation in China. With the deepening of economic construction in recent years, China’s mini excavators have slowly developed.


Especially in recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, there are more fields that urgently need a kind of machinery to replace labor. The emergence of micro excavators undoubtedly solves this problem, and China’s micro excavators have begun to truly take the world stage.

China’s huge mini-excavator world cannot be absent from the world’s excavator giants, so these world-famous brands entered China a long time ago and began to occupy the Chinese market.

With the advantages of years of accumulated advanced experience and mature technology level, they have occupied half of the rivers and mountains in one fell swoop. Brands such as Carter, Komatsu, Yanmar, and Kubota mini excavators are the leading brands in the mini excavator market.

Let’s introduce to you the Kubota mini excavator:

The Kubota Group was established in 1890 and has a history of more than 100 years as the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Japan. It has business in Europe, America, Asia and other places, has more than 150 subsidiaries, and is in the forefront of the world in the fields of small construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

Kubota established China Kubota Mini Excavator Company in Shanghai in 2011.

At present, the more famous Kubota mini excavator is undoubtedly the “Kubota u15” crawler excavator. Its compact body, flexible action, accurate control, and solid quality have been well received by users. Now active in the vast fields, as the mini excavator market continues to expand, Kubota mini excavators will also allow more friends to enjoy the convenience of mechanization.

We hope that superior companies not only have superior technology, but also serve the entire society. I hope that the Kubota mini excavator can use more creativity and courage to contribute to the Chinese agricultural market!

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